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Google Reunion: se - come me - vi siete commossi fino alle lacrime per il delizioso video promozionale di Google Search India e ne avete adorato la colonna sonora, eccone il testo tradotto all'inglese e altre informazioni:

Google-reunionBachpane ki tang gali phir se koode phaande
chhoti chhoti meethi chori gaanth leke baandhe
ik patang sa udta tha parindon ki tarah, parindon ki tarah, parindon ki tarah
ek daur tha... man man mor tha...ek daur tha... man man mor tha...

The narrow street of my childhood is jumping once again,
it ties (and keeps) the small sweet thefts (of childhood) in a bale...
it used to fly like a kite, (free) like birds,
there was a time, when the heart used to be like a peacock...

[The second line is a reference to the thefts of sweets from Yusuf's shop. Peacock here means the heart was free and joyful, like peacocks dancing in rains.]

Kaagazon ki kashtiyon mein dooba rehta tha
jhaankti khidkiyon mein uljha rehta tha
wo bhi kya daur tha man pe na jor tha
ek daur tha, man man mor tha...ek daur tha, man man mor tha...

It used to remain submerged in paper boats,
used to remain busy with peeping windows,
ah, what time it was, there was no restriction over the heart
there was a time, when the heart used to be like a peacock...


Ek Daur Tha, Man Mor Tha, Google Reunion

compositore: Clinton Cerejo
paroliere: Neelesh Jain
canta: Piyush Mishra
esegue: al Rebab, Chandrakant



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